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December 18, 2020


I used to lead a workshop to enable women to discover and to declare their visions for their lives. It was created for women over age 50. It’s not easy for anyone, much less for older people and even less for women, to get past the layers we have created to protect us and to […]

New Proverbs for the New Year

December 26, 2017


Life in the Boomer Lane isn’t a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. It’s too easy to imagine losing 20 lbs as one stuffs oneself at the endless Thanksgiving-to-New Year’s Eatathon. Or to imagine going to the gym every day as one spends the entire month moving from table to couch to bed.  Instead, LBL prefers […]

How to Appreciate 2016

December 28, 2016


For those of you who look back and see 2016 as a year that felt like a trip through a scary haunted house in which, after you have narrowly avoided death at every turn, the monster waits until you are just outside and then, when you think you are home free, he catches up with […]

The Art of Aging

December 27, 2015


  Life in the Boomer Lane, distracted by the political mayhem being perpetrated as we get closer to the 2016 election, has neglected her #1 goal in starting this blog: writing in an authentic, powerful, hilarious way about the aging process and the role of boomers in that process.  For those readers who haven’t fallen […]

A Commitment to Ignore Good Advice in 2015

December 31, 2014


Life in the Boomer Lane has reached an age that allows her to look back at all the great advice she has gotten over the decades and respond with flagrant disregard, or at least with a bit of tweaking. These include: Act your age. LBL has been struggling with this one for decades, especially during […]

My New Year’s Resolutions

December 26, 2013


If you are getting excited about the prospect of making your list of New Years resolutions,and your list has been basically the same since 1967, you may want to take a gander at the following. The ten top New Year’s resolutions are: 1. Lose Weight and Get Fit 2. Quit Smoking 3. Learn Something New […]

2012 911

January 1, 2012


To help you enter 2012, here are the top 5 New Years resolutions most people make. So Let’s start off the new year with a replay of all of the things you committed to doing last year but didn’t, because you were doing stupid, inconsequential, and far more fun things instead. 1. losing weight  Raise […]

A Boomer New Year

December 25, 2011


It’s that time of year again, when thoughts of health and fitness may intrude ever-so-slightly as we shove yet another holiday treat into our gaping maws.  When a belief in the kindness and goodness of mankind is ever-so-gently shoved aside as we spew epithets at those who secure undeserved spaces before we do in the […]

My 2011 Letter of Commitment

December 29, 2010


About 15 years ago, I attended a workshop that allowed me to see what was working in my life and what wasn’t.  Part of the program was that we got to create Letters of Commitment, contracts between us and ourselves, based on several areas of life.  These LOCs weren’t resolutions.  They were blueprints of how […]