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The U-bend of Life

January 14, 2011


Last month, the cover of the Economist Magazine shrieked “The Joy of Growing Old (or why life begins at 46).”  Needless to say, this caught Life in the Boomer Lane’s eye, while she was in the drugstore looking for nighttime panty liners.  She bought the magazine, in spite of the actual article being titled “The U-Bend […]

Happy 2011, via 1960 and 1963 and 1975 and…

December 30, 2010


When my ex and I split almost 20 years ago, the only items of real value to me that I wanted to take were the photos, the children’s memorabilia, my own memorabilia, and  my artwork.  Along the way, some of these items disappeared.  Others were forgotten. A couple months ago, my ex and his wife […]

My grandfather smoked for 75 years. My grandchildren are doomed.

November 4, 2010


  Thanks to this week’s issue of Newsweek, I now know that “epigenetic changes in sperm are carried forward transgenerationally.”  Don’t even bother to check your online dictionary.  I’ll translate (I’m a full-service blogger): If your great-grandparents or parents or you or your partner participated in a potentially damaging lifestyle (Oh, let’s say like consuming the […]

Who Was That Creepy Guy Giving Out Candy?

November 1, 2010


My Now Husband is sort of new to this Halloween thing, as well as to the Kid Thing in general.  Last year, NH wore a scary mask that brought all the little kids to tears.  This year, NH went to the door as himself (Only one child cried) and tried really hard to say bright, pleasant things to […]

Six-Word Memoirs

October 21, 2010


The current issue of AARP Magazine has a short piece titled “Six-Word Memoirs.”  Many people have submitted theirs online.  My favorite was “Located my childhood sweetheart. Shouldn’t have.” So, here are some six word memoirs of my life: A mistake, telling Steve Jacobs “No.” Can I do eighth grade again? Three children. Two husbands. No […]

Exiled to Nicheville

October 18, 2010


I’m a bit concerned about  my children (three) and my grandchildren (one arrived 16 months ago, the others mere thoughts as of this post).  I am aware that, depending on which standard is used, my children are either Gen Xers or Gen Yers.  Or both. This in itself is a problem.  If my children are Gen […]

Mama Grizzlies, Animal and Otherwise

October 5, 2010


The October 4 issue of Newsweek has an article titled “Hear Them Growl,” about the political female Grizzlies.  Life in the Boomer Lanc  decided to get to the bottom of this, doing some mighty deep research for about 15 minutes on Google and on the National Geographic site.  Aside from the time that a bear […]

Being A Granddad Without Ever Having Been A Dad

August 18, 2010


Now Husband and Life in the Boomer Lane married in 2006.  NH lived in a high-rise condo in Washington DC.  He was single, with no children and no pets.  LBL lived in a house in Arlington, VA.  She was divorced, after well over two decades of marriage, with three grown children and a cat.  One […]

Being “Granddad” Without Having Been “Dad”

August 18, 2010


Dan and I married in 2006.  Dan lived in a high rise condo in Washington DC.  He was single, with no children and no pets.  I lived in a house in Arlington, VA.  I was divorced after well over two decades of marriage, with three grown children and a cat.  One year after our marriage, […]

Raising A Family On Bibimbap and Corrective Shoes

August 12, 2010


In 1977, Then Husband and LBL moved to a neighborhood called Lyon Village, putting them within a couple blocks of Clarendon, the commercial area that bordered the neighborhood.  Clarendon was a pretty exciting place back then, if you enjoyed looking at the site of a vacant 5 and 10 cent store, or if you needed […]