Six-Word Memoirs

Posted on October 21, 2010


The current issue of AARP Magazine has a short piece titled “Six-Word Memoirs.”  Many people have submitted theirs online.  My favorite was “Located my childhood sweetheart. Shouldn’t have.”

So, here are some six word memoirs of my life:

A mistake, telling Steve Jacobs “No.”
Can I do eighth grade again?
Three children. Two husbands. No regrets.
 Shouldn’t have bought the fake butt.
Ironed my hair, not my clothes.
Kindergarten boyfriend. Married the next one.
Big boobs. Small feet. No butt.
Used to have all the answers.
Topographanesia. Google it. It’s my life.
Epitaph: I’m glad I left Philly.

And yours?