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What’s Next

June 18, 2018


While Life in the Boomer Lane wrestles with any technology requiring more than an “On” and “Off” switch, the folks at AARP are discovering even newer ways to confuse her. In the latest issue of AARP Bulletin, an article titled “What’s Next” details all of the ways technology is racing ahead of what human brain […]

Rethinking The Story of You

April 25, 2016


Life in the Boomer Lane has always been skeptical of the conclusions people reach when they go through past life regression.  When one considers that, throughout history, the overwhelming majority of people consisted of the unwashed masses, it is astonishing that so many folks discover they were Marie Antoinette or a Pharaoh in a past […]

Teaching Old People How to Drive Better

March 11, 2016


  A close friend of Life in the Boomer Lane is now teaching an AARP refresher course for senior drivers. The class is being held in Florida, in an area known for chiropractors, podiatrists, and over-55 mobile home communities. LBL’s friend, whom we shall call Bernice (and Bernie for short, in honor of her favorite […]

Selling to the Grays

July 8, 2014


Let’s count the number of times it has been brought to our (“our” meaning boomers and olders) attention that we are being shut out of popular advertising. Or let’s not. It’s a lot of times. That’s all you have to know. AARP Magazine has done it again, in an article titled “Who’s Afraid of A […]

The Oscars and the Agers

February 28, 2014


Life in the Boomer Lane doesn’t know about you, but she is pretty darn excited about the impending Academy Awards Spectacle on Sunday. It marks the 39th anniversary of the year that LBL spent watching the 47th Annual Academy Awards, pacing up and down in her living room, in front of the TV, being in […]

How Boomers Saved Everything

December 28, 2013


While few would argue that boomers discovered fire and invented the wheel and the baby cage, AARP Magazine has a whole new crop of boomer achievements to present in its current issue. In fact, AARP will be devoting an entire year to slobbering over what we boomers have achieved. The first piece is by PJ […]

Sex at 50+ : What’s Normal?

March 9, 2013


In its March 2013 issue, AARP Magazine presents “Sex at 50+: What’s Normal?” in which they answer our burning curiosity about other people’s sex lives. A heads up (in a manner of speaking): If you routinely incorporate the Area 51 Love Doll, the Strict Leather Dildo Face Harness, or the Drilldo into your sexual repertoire, […]

7 Quick Steps to Better Sex

December 15, 2011


AARP has come out with a guide to “7 Quick Steps to Better Sex.”  This is important for two reasons.  One is that the steps are “quick.” If they weren’t, we might get caught in mid-air, forgetting why the chandelier is at eye level and why there is a naked person lying on the bed […]

Medicare: Uncovered

November 29, 2011


Medicare, the federal system of health care for folks over age 65, comes at a really bad time in our lives, since at the exact moment it arrives, all available brain cells are either busy looking for car keys, permanently asleep on the job, or wondering if we have just baked the cooking shears into […]

Sex, More or Less

October 29, 2011


(The following is the first in my new series, “Old Posts to Dredge out on Slow Weekends Because When I Posted Them Originally People Cared More About the Economy and World Peace Than My Blog.” Although nothing has changed, it’s a slow weekend.) AARP just came out with a 105-page sex survey of people 45 […]