Mama Grizzlies, Animal and Otherwise

Posted on October 5, 2010


The October 4 issue of Newsweek has an article titled “Hear Them Growl,” about the political female Grizzlies.  Life in the Boomer Lanc  decided to get to the bottom of this, doing some mighty deep research for about 15 minutes on Google and on the National Geographic site.  Aside from the time that a bear almost ate her ex (They apparently don’t like people walking up and sticking cameras in their faces), LBL likes bears.

1. Animal Mama Grizzlies (AMGs) teach their young to eat out of trashcans at national parks.  LBL never did that.  That is not to say LBL didn’t look the other way when one of her kids would wander over to another campsite and find something more palatable in someone’s else’s discards than what LBL’s ex and LBL had prepared for dinner.

2. Human Mama Grizzlies (HMGs) don’t want the government sticking its nose in anything that impacts on their young.  This would include everything the US Government does except shut itself down.  LBL, personally, feels like it’s probably easier to run a country when a majority of people agree to a majority of standards and rules.  For example, Grizzlies decided at some point in time not to swim, fly, or crawl.  They have pretty much abided by that decision ever since.

3. AMGs are pretty darn familiar with their home territory, but they would probably flunk a geography test that included anything else.  Some HMGs fit that category as well.  For example, some inhabitants of Hawaii have dark skin and may appear to be very exotic.  Hawaii is warm.  Hawaii has sand.  Hawaii is far away. This does not, however, make it an Arab country.

4. AMGs would do anything to protect their young.  However, they wouldn’t care much if the young of all other species started to disappear.  In other words, they have little understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all species.  Note to Mamma Gs: If other people’s children are at risk, yours are as well.  You may not want to hear this, but unfortunately for you, it’s a fact of life.