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Firing on All Cylinders

May 1, 2023


For the last couple weeks, every single time Life in the Boomer Lane starts to write a blog post, something crashes through her currently-firing brain cells that seriously diverts her attention. It’s like a fireball of headlines all barreling toward her at once. DeSantis Fires His Wrath Upon Disney World! Tucker Carlson Fired From Fox! […]

Who Are You and Who Are We Together?

April 4, 2023


Some people take their childhoods and use them to define their view of the world. Others take their experiences and use them as tools to create powerful lives that their childhoods could never have envisioned. Lori Brewer Collins is a tool user. Lori’s vision of the world and her place in it is far more […]

The Human Library

March 13, 2023


Instagram is Life in the Boomer Lane’s social media platform of choice. Lots of photos/videos, few words (unless necessary), and, for LBL, the ability to follow the work of whomever artists she chooses. But, at the risk of getting carried away with culture, here. LBL will say that she also follows her favorite fashion brands […]

Civit Poop and Other Good News

March 6, 2023


Life in the Boomer Lane has been convinced for some time that SNL and Whatever-Those-People-Are-in-the-GOP, are in cahoots with each other. The WTPAGOP, with SNL’s help come up with whatever lunacy they come up with and then SNL makes fun of it on the show. They all profit from this by both amusing and horrifying […]


February 16, 2023


While we have been dealing with the usual array of grotesque political and environmental events, and, while the GOP has started to shoot presidential wannabees out of its maw to challenge the Big Guy, Life in the Boomer Lane has been aware of something brewing that is even more insidious: ChatGPT. For those of you […]

Death vs Something Else

December 15, 2022


Life in the Boomer Lane keeps promising herself that she will no longer write anything about Donald Trump. On the other hand, she also keeps promising herself that she will stop talking about aging, her allergies, and the documented fact that she is getting shorter. She has failed in all of these areas. She now […]

When Men Were Men

December 1, 2022


Beginning with the arrival of humans on the world stage was the natural proclivity of such humans to procreate. The mating process generally came down to those who owned a penis and those who were screwed by one. There were countless variations from the get-go, but, as these didn’t generate offspring, they weren’t given much […]

Born to Peck

October 24, 2022


For the last few days, a Red-crested woodpecker has been at the top of the utility pole in front of Life in the Boomer Lane’s house. He has been relentlessly pecking away throughout daylight hours. He does not take breaks. The utility pole, as one might assume, is wood. But the object of the bird’s […]

The Great State of Dumb

September 29, 2022


Throughout history, humans have been capable of astonishing feats of invention, art, and science. They have also been capable of using their 86 billion brain cells to wage wars over pastries and an ear, to deplete natural resources until land no longer supported them, and to make a lot of astonishingly bad reality shows. Humans […]

A Slap is A Punch is A Murder is An Invasion

March 29, 2022


Life in the Boomer Lane hopes she isn’t beating a dead horse. Dead horses have been beaten far too much lately. We know that we live in a violent world. We live in a world in which human life is valued only until it gets in the way of what someone wants. We watch the […]