Almost Heaven: York Harbor, Maine

Posted on October 10, 2010


We’ve just returned from York Harbor, Maine.  We were visiting good friends, Glenda and Ralph, who live in a beautiful house in a spectacular setting (Note: The photo above is of other people’s beautitiful homes in a spectacular setting).  Aside from the house and grounds, they also own three cats.  I am grateful that our Miracle the Cat wasn’t there to witness how some cats live, i.e., cats that have little cat mats under their food bowls.  One looks like a small Oriental rug (the mat, not the cat).  They are perfectly groomed, petted a lot, and spoken to a lot. Miracle would sue us for neglect.

York Harbor is part of what is called the “Gold Coast of Maine.”  The latest resident is Kara DioGuardi, lately of “American Idol” Fame. The word on the street (although a very chi chi street) in York Harbor is that Kara doesn’t want it to be known that she now resides there. Sorry, Kara.  This blog will reach at least five people.  Your cover is blown.  For a large sum of money, I can send you a Google map of her house.

York Harbor is a stone’s throw from Kennebunkport, and my friend and I (whenever I am visiting) shop in an antiques store frequented a lot by Barbara Bush.  The store is in a big, rambling house and has two levels and several rooms filled with one-of-a-kind items.  It also has enough items that I could buy that I would have to sell my house in order to pay for them.  Of course, then I wouldn’t have any place to put the wonderful objects. Sometimes life can be cruel.


On my last visit, Barbara was in the store.  My friend and I (in other words, me) spent a lot of time hiding behind walls so we (I) could see if Barbara bought anything outrageous.  She didn’t.  She did buy a set of nautical-themed glasses, far and away the most conservative item in the store (Get it, “conservative?”  Sometimes my wit astounds me.)  On our visit to the store this time, the owner told us that Barbara had just been in the day before.  No dirt there.  I bought a life-size nude torso constructed of about a million pieces of wood.  Sorry, Barbara.  You’ll never get your hands on that one.  I probably should have phrased that another way to make it less sexual, but I’ll let it stand.                                                                                                                         

The elder Bushes live on Walker Point (George WALKER Bush, remember?) a sprawling complex of buildings that is its own hamlet.  It houses the main residence, guest house, secret service buildings and an extremely large flagpole that can be viewed from space.  There is a scenic viewing spot for riff raff to pull over and take photos.  I didn’t see Barbara sitting outside, sipping a beverage from a nautical-themed glass.  I might have a seen a secret service dude, but he wasn’t drinking anything.


Aside from Kara Dioguardi and the elder Bushes, there are a lot of famous and semi-famous people who I don’t know, living in the area.  Because I don’t know who they are, they are safe from my comments.  There are also about a thousand ridiculously charming little towns, all on the water and all bursting with photo opportunities.  Our camera needed resuscitation after a day of non-stop photo opportunities.

Aside from driving past Kara and Barbara’s houses and eating some great seafood, we went to the Fryeburg Fair, about an hour from York Harbor.  This is an annual real live country fair that draws people from all over Maine.  You’ll have to hold your breath for that one.  It needs a blog post all its own.