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Human vs Chipmunk

July 8, 2019


A friend of Life in the Boomer Lane (We’ll call her “Glenda” because that is her name) lives in Maine. LBL loves her because she is a gorgeous, feisty, independant creature. When stone walls needed to be built to enclose her property, Glenda built them. When trees needed to come down, Glenda felled them. When […]

Study Finds Cat Owners to be Complete Losers

March 21, 2016


Throughout the history of the planet, most species have evolved in a predictable manner.  The ones who avoided extinction became more adept at survival, either through brute force or through domestication. Only cats and Republicans refused to adapt, and both are currently suffering the consequences. We shall leave the Republicans to their own devices, while […]

Yellow Dog

January 21, 2015


I won’t write about how we get attached to dogs, beyond all reason. We simply do. I won’t write about how we know their life spans are shorter than ours, and that we will outlive them. We do and we will. I won’t write about how the end will be tough and our hearts will […]

The 15 Minute Dog

July 22, 2010


A lot of people, consisting entirely of Only Daughter and Second Son, always ask Life in the Boomer Lane why she doesn’t have a dog.  This is because when they were growing up, Then Husband and I always had dogs.  The answer is that Now Husband, as fabulous and hot as he is, does not […]

Why People Shave Cats

July 20, 2010


Every summer, there is a repeating scenario. Life in the Boomer Lane begins to notice that she is avoiding petting Miracle the Cat (even more so than usual), because the slightest touch will release a shower of cat hair all around her and she will be walking around in a perpetual state of cat hair […]

Cats Flying Off the Roof of My Car

July 7, 2010


Miracle the Cat is the latest in a long line of cats Life in the Boomer Lane has had that she has really had no part in acquiring.  There’s not one thing she can say about Miracle or about any of my other cats that would be worth reading.  Writers far more clever than she […]