4 Ways to Make A Room Romantic With Lighting

Posted on September 27, 2016



The following is a guest post from Debra Lewis.  Debbie is an aspiring  writer, mother, and yoga enthusiast. She loves to write about all different topics, as she feels it helps her learn new things. If you’d like her to write for you, you can connect with her on G+

(Life in the Boomer Lane’s Note to Readers: Sometimes, we have to force ourselves to think about something other than the presidential election or the fact that we forgot to get a shingles shot. For times like that, we can always turn to romance. And, for those of you who only equate the word romance with novels or languages, know that the following suggestions will also work just as well for setting the stage for evening parties.


When it’s time for romance, there’s no better way to set the mood than with soft, warm light. Just by stepping into a romantically lit room, your stress begins to melt away, the world outside fades from your mind, and you’re ready to focus on that special someone. But how can you use lighting to transform an ordinary room into the romantic retreat of your dreams? Here are four easy ways to light the path to love.

Install Dimmers

Overhead lighting is a practical choice for general home lighting needs. However, it is often too harsh when you’re looking for a romantic evening atmosphere. One simple way to make your existing overhead lights more versatile is to install a dimmer switch.

You’ll find a variety of dimmer styles at your local hardware store. It’s relatively easy to install a dimmer yourself, or you can have an electrician or handyman do it for you. If you have an overhead light that attaches to a cord that plugs into a wall outlet, just buy an extension cord with a built-in dimmer for a quick and easy DIY project.

Add Accent Lighting and Lamps

Another way to give yourself more lighting options is to add accent lights to the room. Table and floor lamps are available in a range of sizes and styles, so they’re easy to incorporate into your home decor. Choose a lamp with a patterned or colored shade to change the quality of light it casts. Experiment with different combinations of accent lights to set exactly the right mood. Accent lighting can also easily double as task lighting when you need a bit more brightness to read or do craft projects.

Repurpose String Lights

String lights aren’t just for the holidays! They are also a perfect way to add a romantic sparkle to any room. If you have some string lights stashed away with your holiday decorations, bring them out to set the mood. Drape a few yards of gauze fabric over a string of LED Christmas lights, hang them along the wall or down the bed post, and you’ve got just the right soft glow to serve as backdrop to your date night.

Get Creative With Bulbs

Setting a romantic scene is sometimes as easy as changing a light bulb. A simple crystal bulb creates a gorgeous scatter effect. Edison bulbs with visible filaments create instant retro romance. Red or pink incandescent bulbs add warm, flattering shades to the light in the room. Silver-tipped bulbs have a reflective coating that reduces glare. You can even find bulbs that manufacturers claim can boost serotonin levels to banish any lingering bad moods. Whichever bulbs you choose, go for lower wattage options to add soft light that won’t create harsh shadows.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the time or budget to cook a sensual dinner, buy your partner a bouquet of flowers, or surprise them with a gift. All you need to set the stage for romance is the right lighting. With these tips, you can create the perfect mood for any room in your home.

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