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Why Democracy Sucks

May 12, 2022


Life in the Boomer Lane was far too busy enjoying her birthday to pay attention to the seemingly innocuous events that were, in fact, secretly ruining her life. It was like she believed she was bitten by a tiny, pesky insect and then she had a small itchy blob which turned into a large itchy […]

Oligarch Fever

March 9, 2022


Because of recent activity on the part of the Russian government, many people are now hearing about the misfortunes of Russian oligarchs. We tend to associate the word “oligarch” with those very Russians. But the truth is that the oligarch species has been around for a long time and it has a rich cultural heritage. […]

Life in the Boomer Lane Meets Her Waterloo

November 9, 2021


Life in the Boomer Lane and Now Husband have just returned from a week in Brussels. They stayed with close friends who live there part time, and they had a great week. One of the highlights of the week was to visit the Museum of Waterloo, the Belgian town in which Napoleon met the end […]

A Wandering Jew

June 17, 2021


I‘m not a fan of walking. I know how to walk, and I walk when it’s necessary. Some years ago, I walked 60 miles in three days in order to raise money for breast cancer research. I walked in honor of a close friend who died in her forties of the disease. I walk 1.5 […]

The Right to Be White

March 8, 2021


Throughout the Trump administration, Life in the Boomer Lane couldn’t make sense of what appeared to be groups of polar opposites who both thought that Trump was oh-so-swell-in-every-way. There were the educated, middle and upper middle class professionals who invested in the stock market, dutifully paid taxes, sometimes played golf and belonged to country clubs […]

5,000 Years of Word-Making and Word-Makers

February 23, 2021


The oldest rock art is believed to be about 44,000 years old. The oldest written words are about 5500 years old. This means that, for about 38,500 years, people could just happily just look at pictures. This didn’t demand much from them, aside from occasional arguments about whether the animal represented looked more like a […]

Unconscious Bias

September 23, 2020


Back in the days before streaming TV, people were concerned mostly with mammoths: how to find them, how to stalk them, how to kill them, and how to consume them. People, being people, developed some pretty strong opinions about the entire process. Had you asked one of those people why they arrived at the conclusions […]

Unintended Blog Post

September 15, 2020


(Note to Loyal Readers: Life in the Boomer Lane fully intended to post something today that had absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump. But, when she started to type, the exact opposite occurred. She apologizes and promises that, after today’s post, she will take a break from such odious pursuits.) It’s no secret that […]

Anger Born of Fear

September 1, 2020


African Americans have endured what few people have. Ancestors were ripped away from the civilizations that created and nurtured them. Centuries later, traditions and the anchors people had to those who came before have been lost. The country that forced African Americans here didn’t want them after freedom was grudgingly given. They became a mystery […]

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

April 18, 2020


They say that love conquers all. Life in the Boomer Lane doesn’t know who “they” are, but she suspects that the word “love” should, instead, have been “intention.” It would have solved a lot of problems over the centuries if people had intention, regarding relationship. Love has it’s place, for sure, but it’s intention that […]