Posted on January 15, 2016



Last month, Life in the Boomer Lane’s grandchildren gathered up all the toys they were given over the holiday and went home.  LBL spent days cleaning up, putting things away, and stepping on tiny Lego pieces with her bare feet.  After everyone was gone, the house cleaned up, and her feet bandaged, she rewarded herself by using her latest gift: a shiny, new toy called Triby.

Triby, a multi-purpose communication and entertainment system, was created by a French company, invoxia.. It’s magnetic, and has great style, so you can put it on the refrigerator, without cringing everytime you walk by. It looks pretty indestructible. It’s also way easy to use. The company also makes a big point of it being kid-friendly.  All of this makes it perfect for LBL.  It’s a radio, speaker, and hands-free internet mobile phone.  It does other things as well, such as sending texts and doodles and conference calls, which LBL is just discovering.

So, why does LBL love Triby?  First, she’s a huge radio fan. She cooks as she listens to the radio, but, because it’s a conventional radio, she is limited to local stations.  Triby has Spotify (Don’t ask.  It’s one of those magic things that exist in today’s universe), so that means it has access to all internet and on-air radio stations. It puts all stations at her disposal.  For that reason, alone, LBL is delighted.

Second, it’s often difficult to answer and/or talk on the phone, while she is cooking. Triby solves that problem. It can be heard up to 15 ft away, so LBL can talk and continue to cook at the same time. Callers can easily hear LBL say things like “Damn!  We are out of eggs!” or “I think I just used flour instead of sugar. Is that OK?”

Third, it’s portable, so when LBL pops whatever it is she is cooking into the oven, Triby can go elsewhere with her.  

Don’t ask LBL the details about how Triby does what it does. LBL only knows that it works through an app, and if she can master it, any normal preschooler can do the same.  This video explains what LBL can’t. You can also visit the Triby website.

One favor: Please don’t tell LBL’s grandchildren.  They have enough toys already.  LBL needs some fun of her own.




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