Snooki Speaks at Rutgers University

Posted on April 4, 2011


I have my blog post written for today.  I’m not going to use it.  On my way to the gym, I listened to someone talking about Snooki, the squat, always-drunk member of the “Jersey Shore” TV reality show and car-wreck-in-progress cast.  On Thursday,  she spoke at Rutgers University.  She was paid $32,000 to do so.  She told the crowd “Study hard, but party harder” and  “When you’re tan, you feel better about yourself.”  

Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize laureate and one of the best authors and speakers on the planet, was paid $30,000 to speak at Rutgers.

So, in addition to Rutgers University believing that Snooki was a valuable speaker, they felt that she had more value than a Nobel Prize laureate.  Go, Rutgers.  Maybe the entire cast of Jersey Shore can now set the curriculum and become deans of the various colleges. Rutgers could devise an entire curriculum based on getting drunk, vomiting, working out, screaming, peeing in public places, and tanning.  Tanning, because it really is an art and has profound psychological implications,  would be reserved for doctoral candidates.

Rutgers University new Deans.  If I had time, I would put mortar boards on their heads.

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