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Butts, Boobs, and Botox

August 2, 2013


Life in the Boomer Lane has noticed that every time she writes anything about plastic surgery, her comments are flooded by the likes of: Plastic surgery is disgusting. I would never alter my appearance in any way, shape, or form. Don’t we all have better things to spend our money on? With all the terrible […]

The Hunger-for-Beauty Games Pt2: Breasts vs Brains

May 31, 2012


We came of age at a time when society seemed to be redefining, not only the roles of women, but of itself.  We were young when, for the first time in living memory, it was youth who toppled a president and ended a war.  When the modern women’s liberation movement began. When Roe v Wade […]

Bristol Palin:Plastic Surgery-ing With the Stars

May 12, 2011


In an attempt to quell the insidious rumors going around that she has had plastic surgery, Bristol Palin invited a reporter to her home inAlaska. “First off,” she started, this is absolutely, completely, 110% not true. I did not have plastic surgery.  I had corrective jaw surgery.  I did not want to have surgery. My doctor […]

I’ll Have What She’s Having: Boomers and Cosmetic Surgery

February 28, 2011


Whether you are planning your next round of Botox or are satisfied with your face looking more and more like a road map of Pennsylvania, the statistics are undeniable: Boomers are having cosmetic surgery in record numbers.  According to www., “Baby Boomers Keep Cosmetic Procedures on the Rise.”  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons […]