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June 6, 2021


Life in the Boomer Lane is about to say something positive about something that is happening in Russia. Contrary to what some readers may believe at this point, Donald Trump, Former Guy and Loyal Russian Supporter, had nothing to do with this post. Russia, for all it’s megalomaniacal intrusions into the US presidential election and […]

Jobs Up, Jobs Down

October 23, 2018


Axios, Life in the Boomer Lane’s daily go-to source for news, includes more than just solid evidence that life as we know it has come to an end or that the entire world is about to explode in a giant conflagration of misdeeds.  president trump (which LBL will henceforth write with lower case letters) will […]

Why the Wrong Shoes Are Doing You Damage

October 14, 2017


Life in the Boomer Lane loves shoes. Most of the shoes she loves have heels that are too high, too spindly, too ridiculous-looking for a woman her age. Hence, the search for fabulous shoes that have high heels, but are still comfortable, supportive, edgy, and make others swoon, “Where did you get those?” LBL could […]

Guerrilla Aging: Advanced Style

November 22, 2014


  Ari Seth Cohen is a stalker, of the finest kind.  For some years, he has been following people on the streets of New York, and asking them if he can take their photos.  His motives are simple: to find ordinary people of extraordinary style.  Given that we are talking about New York, here, and […]

Who are “they” and why are they running our lives?

September 12, 2011


  For more years than even Boomers can count, “they” have been telling us what to buy, how to think, where to live, and who to read about in US Magazine.   Examples throughout the millennia include: “They are saying marinated mastodon kebobs will be the next big food item.” “They say the world is flat, and […]

If the shoe fits, you’re doing something wrong.

June 7, 2011


Thanks to my friend Barbara, I have been alerted to Kobi Levi’s “shoe creatures.”  Kobi is an Israeli shoe designer who makes shoes for people like Lady Gaga. If you are an astute reader, the previous sentence should have you asking, “Renee, what’s with the ‘like Lady Gaga’ part?  No one is like Lady Gaga.  […]