If the shoe fits, you’re doing something wrong.

Posted on June 7, 2011


Thanks to my friend Barbara, I have been alerted to Kobi Levi’s “shoe creatures.”  Kobi is an Israeli shoe designer who makes shoes for people like Lady Gaga. If you are an astute reader, the previous sentence should have you asking, “Renee, what’s with the ‘like Lady Gaga’ part?  No one is like Lady Gaga.  She is unique.  Words, like money, should be used wisely and prudently.”  And to those of you who thought that, I gratefully say, Keep your frickin’ thoughts to yourself.

Back to Kobi.  Kobi insists that these shoes are for real people, not just for women who, like me on occasion, emerge out of giant eggs or wear nothing but an artillery belt at airport security. 

Anyone who knows me knows three things about me: I can get lost trying to find a restaurant bathroom and never return to my table.  I don’t know your name no matter who you are.  I like cute shoes.  Because of this last item, I tried to come up with the advantages of wearing Levi’s shoes, aside from liking it when people ask why I have bananas on my feet. 

I’m still working on this.  But while I’m working on it, I decided to use Levi as the inspiration to make my own statement shoes, without shelling out the big bucks that I’m sure Levi’s shoes cost. 

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