Wordle Spelled Backwards is Liberal

Posted on January 22, 2022


For those Loyal Readers who have been living for the past few months in one of the illegitimate voting machines that created the fake presidency of Joe Biden, you may not be aware of a new obsession sweeping the country: Wordle. Unlike Covid 19, climate change, nuclear proliferation and the arrival of scary killer insects who are suddenly crossing the border, Wordle appears to be the only item that has been able to unite the GOP and the Dems in a fierce competition with themselves to find the daily five-letter mystery word.

Old and young, rich and poor, black and white, pro-life and pro-choice, gun-toting and gun-fearing, liberal and whatever-the-hell those other folks are, are all setting aside every other facet of life to play the same game. Facebook, itself, the bastion of cute baby and doggie videos, photos of countless meals, and thousands of reasons why their husbands and wives are simply the very very very best, has, in the last month, been innundated with people’s daily black, yellow, and green Wordle game screens.

Even Donald Trump took time out from his daily mission to create a plan in which all ballots, no matter where or when or how created, are inherently fraudulent, and the only way to legitimately elect an incumbent or past president is to have the winner declared by an independent Presidential appointee. Instead, he tried his hand at Wordle. “I, of course, got in on the first try!” he Tweeted and proudly showed the word “Hoaks”‘. When told “hoaks” was not a word, he declared that, on the first day after his 1/20/25 inauguration, he would sign a bill declaring that all dictionaries be rewritten, to better reflect the world as he knew it. “I have all the words,” he said. “If I don’t have it, it’s fake.”

Setting aside this last disturbing paragraph, you may be tempted to raise your hand and shout “Hallelujah!” to the heavens or “We shall overcome!” or sing “She’s Having My Baby” (or whatever song empowers you, personally) and be grateful that finally, we can all stand tall, knowing that this is truly the UNITED States of America!

Not so fast. Life in the Boomer Lane wants to warn you that, like religion, Hallmark cards and the judiciary, Wordle will fall prey to becoming politicized. There are any number of ways this can happen. We shall start with the word itself. “Wordle,” as everyone knows, is a secret word used exclusively by the Deep State. If we take apart all the letters of the word and throw them into a blender, we get endless words, most of which consist of chopped up letters. Some of these words are “devil,” “welfare” and “pay more taxes.”

Then there is the well-known issue with written words. From the moment God-fearing White People found this empty country just laying around and doing nothing, they moved in and worked hard and didn’t expect anything for it. There were rich people, of course. Nobody knew where they came from but everyone was used to them. The country was fine without written words. Written words introduced a lot of bad stuff, like books and schools. People started to read and learn stuff and this led to them questioning sacred things like being rich and slavery. Words made everything change, creating taxes and abolition, and that was very bad.

If Wordle is allowed to continue unabated, LBL is certain that websites are sure to appear, showing videos of nighttime border crossings by people inspired by Wordle messages, as well as Wordle inspiring any number of attempts to get rid of gerrymandering and voter restrictions. Wordle, in other words, will be found to be a tool of those who would destroy Democracy. Marches will be organized, Tucker Carlson will savage Wordlers on air, and the entire population will choose predictable sides. Get ready.

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