Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Posted on April 18, 2020


They say that love conquers all. Life in the Boomer Lane doesn’t know who “they” are, but she suspects that the word “love” should, instead, have been “intention.” It would have solved a lot of problems over the centuries if people had intention, regarding relationship. Love has it’s place, for sure, but it’s intention that keeps things going.

However we define “love,” it’s the brass ring that folks have been searching for since the beginning of time. And, throughout history, under the most extreme circumstances, people have managed to connect with each other and to fall in love.

Many of those folks had to depend on matchmakers, convoluted socially accepted interactions, parents, or finding a really cute person randomly standing in front of you in a bread line, in order to find a match. Now, in this Great New Age of Relentless Technology, none of that is necessary. We all have the ability, with one click, to find lasting love.

Technology has allowed us to find love without actually getting out there to do so. And, in this time of social distancing, “getting out there” can be a scary proposition. Coronavirus may stop us from going to a restaurant, but by god, it won’t stop us from finding love.

As a service to loyal Readers, Life in the Boomer Lane has reviewed an exhaustive number of dating sites, while Now Husband walked in and out of the room with a concerned look on his face. When LBL told him she was doing this for research for an upcoming post, and might have to sign up with some sites, he nodded and said, “I totally understand. Makes sense. Sign me up as well.”

LBL won’t go through an exhaustive list of all sites, or assess which ones are best. She suspects that all sites have their good and not-as-good qualities. What she will do, however, is to address age groups. And, since this blog is called “Life in the Boomer Lane,” she will address herself to boomers.

Most sites (Match, eHarmoney, Zoosk) include age groups of 50+. Some sites (Our Time) are specifically for People in the over 50 Age range. One site, Silver Singles, bills itself as over 50, but on the site itself, says that 20% of users are over 50. That’s a bit confusing.

LBL has only found one site (thus far) that specializes in singles over age 60, Tinder for Seniors. Tinder for Seniors (not to be confused with Tinder)

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