My 10 Holiday Wishes for You

Posted on December 21, 2016


Dear Readers,

May you find joy this year in the loving embrace of family and friends. Or, if not,  watching a really good movie, with some really tasty popcorn in your mouth.

May you appreciate all the wonder and bounty in your life.  Or, if not, believe that wonder and bounty are seriously overrated.

May you believe, at this time of year, that miracles really do exist. Or, if not, believe that miracles run a distant second to heaping more on your credit card.

May you look around you and reach out to those less fortunate. Or, if not, at least try to avoid stepping over them as you rush to the next holiday sale.

May you marvel at being enveloped by holiday music and decorations wherever you go. Or, if not, don’t resort to do all holiday shopping only at 7-Eleven, in order to avoid both.

May you  reconnect with old friends and reestablish old relationships. Or, if not, see them on Facebook and think they look really old.

May you deeply appreciate all of the gifts bestowed on you by others. Or, if not, at least be able to return them with money in your pocket and not a credit back to the giver’s account.

May you open your gifts in respectful gratitude. Or, if not, at least don’t rip the wrapping paper off in a frenzy and then say “Oh,” when you see what’s inside.

May you experience the holiday through the eyes of a child. Or, if not, don’t ask “Is that all?” after all the gifts are opened.

Last, may you look forward to the coming year with gleeful anticipation. Or, if not, with the knowledge that there must have been a worse year in the last 10,000, even if you don’t know exactly what it was.

Love, LBL