This Sold House Needs Help

Posted on January 21, 2019


Life in the Boomer Lane has a Facebook page for her real estate radio show (Renee and Alyssa: This Sold House).  She will now give you time to immediately click the link, become a fan of the site and start listening to every single show.

For those of you who have actually returned to reading this blog post, LBL will continue.  While the show is supposed to be about real estate, and many shows are, she can have whatever guests she wants to have and talk about whatever topics she wants to discuss. For example, if local residents are up to interesting things, she can have them on. The point is that she hopes the show is interesting for all people, not just for those who are anticipating buying or selling real estate. Needless to say, LBL regularly inserts her own humor throughout all the shows, as she interviews people.  This is a real bonus for her, if not necessarily for her listeners.

She and Alyssa have done nothing to actually promote the show, aside from said Facebook page. This is a thought that occasionally nags at LBL. But then something distracts her (usually the realization that she has misplaced something)  and she forgets to return to the nagging thought.

Now a year has gone by.  Her self-nagging has started to override thoughts of missing items (except perhaps her Global Entry card, which she absolutely knows, disappeared right from her desk, an occurance that rivals the fact that her cell phone randomly calls people on its own, without her actually doing anything.)

Back to the radio show. LBL isn’t sure where to begin. She really wants to promote her show, but the thought of technology inserts its ugly head and stops her cold. She looks around her and sees that everyone on the planet seems to be promoting something. They are either selling something, wanting others to notice something, or socially promoting their own travel, restaurant visits, children, pets, political diatribes, surgeries and other assorted (and graphic) physical mishaps, and rants about it being Monday or it being raining.

LBL is also aware that people are making vast sums of money showing other people, via youtube, how to shampoo one’s hair properly or repair one’s own car.  Others so young that they were recently toilet trained, are experts in make up application or are “influencers,” which means that they, at whatever tender age they are, are already two steps ahead of everyone else on the planet in knowing everything there is to know.  Among them are lifestyle influencers.  These young people have discovered the true meaning of life: that what you do is meaningless, but how you look doing it is everything.

 LBL wants in on the action.  For that, she turns to you, her Loyal Readers.  She knows that some of you may be out of the loop, just as she is. But she is hoping that others of you might have some brilliant ideas about how she can market her show. Or even find her Global Entry card. That would work just as well.