One Day U: Going Back to College for One Day

Posted on March 23, 2016



As brilliant and hilarious as Life in the Boomer lane’s posts may be, she never repeats subject matter within a few months.  She is making an exception here. Back in November, she found out about One Day University, and attended one of their all-day sessions in Washington, DC . This year’s schedule is out now, and LBL urges all of you to take a look.

One Day University is the brainchild of Steven Schragis, who believes that the fun and intellectual excitement of college should be available to everyone, not just kids who sleep through classes and run up their parents’ credit cards. He envisioned a university in which classes were taught by some of the most popular and accomplished instructors from some of the most prestigious universities around the country. One could take advantage of subject matter covering art, law, behavioral science, and politics. There would be no exams, no homework, no note taking and no need to hold a bucket under the head of your vomiting roommate.

LBL is happy to report that One Day U, like LBL’s own body, is expanding rapidly.  Last year, there were One Day U events in 20 cities across the country.  This year, there are 35. This roughly corresponds with the growth of LBL’s waistline, but that’s material for another blog post.  Washington, DC, which had one event last year, now has two.

Each ‘Day’ consists of a schedule of lectures, each taught by a different instructor. One instructor is always chosen from a local university. At the end of each 60-minute class, there is 10 minutes allotted for questions. The event LBL attended last year covered “The Genius of Michelangelo,” “4 Trials That Changed the World, “Men, Women and Politics,” and “What is Emotional Intelligence?”  Lectures are different at each location. .All of them are worth going to.

Do yourself a huge favor.  Visit One Day University and look at the upcoming 2016 schedule of “live” classes. In addition, One Day U has added the option to subscribe to a video channel, in which you can  watch fascinating talks from the nation’s greatest professors whenever and wherever you want.

Readers Note: LBL is not being paid for this endorsement.  She is writing about this because she  likes to know that she has had a positive impact on people, other than just extolling the virtues of coffee Haagen Dazs. So if you do attend a One Day U, please let her know. She lives for stuff like that.