Posted on August 22, 2011



 (gratuitous use of a popular photo)

I don’t think this is a post, at least not in the usual sense.  It’s more like a question: Why are so many people on WordPress searching “fat-cat?”  I wrote a post awhile ago called “Fat Pets and Fatter Wallets,” one of my numerous clever, enlightening, and ultimately life-altering posts.  I attached a photo of an obscenely fat cat.  For some reason, sometimes my photos sometimes take on a life of their own and become their own entries.  Fat-cat became one.  100-year-old-woman-blowing-out-candles became another. Elf ears and ants did the same. 

All of these have consistently shown up in my “Most Active” category, while none of the posts that were attached to them ever did. Last week, fat-cat had 179 views, while my new posts had 88 views and 53 views each.  Fat-cat even generated two comments.  One said “Thank you.  Gracious Palmer.”  Gracious  (or Palmer, who is gracious) was moved to respond to the photo and to express his gratitude.  I, in turn, am gratified that I have been able to provide Gracious with a photo that is meaningful to him, even if my words are like dog poop on the bottom of his shoe.

I am comfortable with my relatively low hits, my few subscribers, my even fewer commenters.  I am comfortable knowing that no sponsors will ever flock my way, no tweets or pingbacks or other forms of electronic fondling will be generated as a result of my words, no extra head room will be needed on the pitiful little graph that seems frozen at a certain level.  Artistic genius can go forever unrecognized.  Artistic less-than-genius can take even longer.

But what I don’t get is the fat-cat thing.  This is what bothers me.  That’s why I wrote this and called it Fat-Cat.  I’m hoping Gracious finds it, responds and clears this up for me. And if anyone else out there can explain it, let me know.  Thanks.