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Ants Misbehavin’

July 24, 2015


  Life in the Boomer Lane is well aware that the planet contains countless species that all have a right to live. She is also aware that many of them choose to inhabit the same spaces as humans do. So she may be annoyed to discover ants in her pantry, but she understands that ants […]

When House Guests Invade

April 9, 2012


We have house guests this week. Having house guests is a unique opportunity, not only to tidy things up around the house, but to see our surroundings through new eyes and to deeply appreciate the fact that we have created a truly charming, inviting, and sometimes downright creepy environment. When we look carefully, we see […]


August 22, 2011


                                                                                       (gratuitous use of a popular photo) I don’t think this is a post, at least not in the usual sense.  It’s more like a question: Why are so many people on WordPress searching “fat-cat?”  I wrote a post awhile ago called “Fat Pets and Fatter Wallets,” one of my numerous clever, enlightening, and ultimately […]

The Rite of Spring

March 8, 2011


Most people know it’s spring because of sudden, all consuming, uncontrollable thoughts of love.  Or the sight of the first shock of color against a grey-smeared landscape. Or the heady, intoxicating, sweetly ephemeral scent of the air.  Not Life in the Boomer Lane.  She knows it’s spring because the ants are back in her pantry. Over the […]