Posted on January 31, 2011


We all now live at the bottom of an unruly, festering and ever-growing mountain of passwords and pins.  I, personally, have run through the names of my entire family, all past bra sizes, and the names of at least three of my ill-fated turtles in elementary school in an attempt to come up with a password that will be acceptable to some sites (“Please use at least one numeral, one exclamation point, one capital letter, and one Druid symbol for your password.”) None of it matters.  Whenever I try to access these sites, I have to end up at the “Forgot your name/password/car keys?” section and start all over.

 But the absolute Number One thing that makes me even crazier than I am normally, are the sites that provide me with a password.  These passwords aren’t computer-generated, like most people believe.  They are created by the same people who, in former times, would have operated The Rack during the Inquisition.  Since there is little call for Racks now, outside of perhaps some used by Customer Service Departments, these folks need employment.  When they see some innocent, unsuspecting, minding-her-own-business, post-menopausal women, they spring into action.

 For those of you who are still awake and reading this, this brings me to the title of this blog post. This was the latest password provided to me by a blog that required me to answer about six personal and eight non-personal questions (several of which dealt with the Sino Japanese War)  before issuing me the following: 

                                           Username: Renee Fisher

                                           Password:  YKAJMiB!RK1! 

This was to comment on someone’s blog.  Not to access secret CIA files.  Or even to see photos of naked women having fun with farm equipment.  A blog.  That’s it.  I have a new rule: If I am required to use a password containing more than one exclamation point, I will go elsewhere.  Usually to the refrigerator, which I don’t need a password to access.