Dr Zhivago was a Mere Innocent

Posted on February 1, 2011


I checked weather.com last night and saw the following blaring headlines: “Impending storm will cover half of the country!  Storm will break all records!  100 million people will be impacted by this violent, destructive storm!”  This morning was no better: “Historic blizzard and ice storm underway at this exact moment in the Midwest!” 

I turned to ask Now Husband Dan what he thought about all this, but he was already wearing his miner’s headlamp in anticipation of another power outtage, and so I was being blinded at 9AM. 

I many not know a lot, but I do know that 100 million has a lot of zeroes.  And I also know that when weather.com starts sounding like a made-for-TV disaster movie, we are in serious trouble.  I put on my sunglasses and turned to NHD. “We’d better get to the supermarket right now.” 

NHD wasn’t listening.  He was standing at the window, looking out at the humongous virtually dead tree along our driveway, the one that flung a humongous branch at our house during the storm last week, narrowly missing my car and our roof. 

“Do you have insurance?” NHD asked.  I casually told him everyone had insurance.  I will not play that game with him.  “What’s going to happen now in this coming storm, when the rest of the tree crashes into the house? Where will we stay?”  Still not wanting to play the “I’ve Told You Over and Over About the Dead Tree and You Wouldn’t Listen and Now We Are Doomed” game, I told him we could stay with the neighbors across the street.  Then I said I would call Jorge/George, our tree-climbing lawn person who would be happy to take the tree down, hopefully when he wasn’t actually in it.  

Of course, I know that Jorge/George can’t do anything about this before the storm hits.  But this was enough to get NHD to leave the room so that he could continue to fret about world events and the story in the Washington Post this morning about all the kids who are too fat to get into the military.  Which totally reminded me that we had to get to the supermarket pronto, before all the fun stuff was gone.  Jorge/George would have to wait.  In an impending disaster, no one can accuse me of not having my priorities straight.

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