7 Reasons to Date Women Over 50

Posted on November 9, 2010


Single women over 50 who want to date have discovered the terrible truth:  A lot of men over 50 don’t want to date them.   So, to all you guys over 50:  Put down the Viagra and spend a moment considering the seven reasons you should date women over 50.

1.  Our biological clocks are gone forever (Or else, we have permanently misplaced them, along with our keys and cell phones).  We’re not dating you because you’re good genetic material with whom to produce offspring.  We simply enjoy your company. 

2. We live alone.  For most of our lives before age 50, we lived with other people.  Sometimes, we even knew who they were.  We shared our living space with parents, roommates, lovers, husbands, children, and assorted friends of our children who we discovered on couches, under beds, and in our garages. Now that we are alone (We think.  We haven’t checked the garage lately), you get to be with us in a quiet, romantic setting.  And you don’t have to wait in line to get to the bathroom. 

3. We know that it is not our job to mold our partners.  The phrase “I can change him” has been blasted out of our vocabulary by life experience.  We have discovered that guys, unlike houses, are not Fixer Uppers. Part of the joy of being over 50 is that we now take people as they are.  So settle down, relax, and be happy you made the cut.
4. We don’t endlessly discuss commitment.  The question “Where is this relationship going?” is about as useful to us as “Where do you think my car is going?” when we have surrendered to the GPS Lady. The joy is that we don’t spend time now in search of commitment.  We are too busy looking for our car keys.
5. We have our own money. We like being financially independent, and we like deciding what we do or don’t do with our own money. We might agree to split the bill at times, or even enjoy paying your way, as long as that doesn’t intimidate you. Bear in mind, though, that we do accept gifts, especially if we tell you what to buy us ahead of time.

6. You don’t have to spend every minute with us. We have a close network of female friends. We won’t drag you to craft fairs or flea markets, and you won’t have to drag us to wherever it is that men go (We still haven’t figured out where that is, exactly).   

7. We will never ask you how we look in a dress, unless we have misplaced our glasses and can’t see ourselves in the mirror. If this happens, just say “Great.”  Then find our glasses for us, please. Thanks.