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The Connection Between Dust and Weight Gain

March 27, 2019


With the exception of the seemingly innocuous phrase “dust bunnies,” dust has always had a well-deserved bad rap in history.  A Korean dust event in 174 AD, was called Woo-Tou or Tou-Woo.  In spite of it’s catchy name, it ruined countless lives.  Massive dust storms caused by severe drought in the US Great Plains staes […]

Making No Scents

July 11, 2017


Life in the Boomer lane has learned of two astonishing and depressing studies this week. One is that Trump’s supporters have brains that are not impacted in any way by anything their hero says or does. They are, however, wired to applaud anything he says. We will bring back the fossil fuel industry, because that […]

The Incarceration of Mr Potato Head

June 23, 2011


Today’s Washington Post reports the following: Harvard University,the home of really, really smart people, has just completed a 20 year long research project to find out exactly what makes people fat.  Researchers studied 120,000 US men and women in their 30s, and 40s, and 50s to determine the effects of food, drink, exercise, sleep patterns […]