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Problems We Didn’t Even Know About

January 16, 2019


The planet has been plagued with a never-ending supply of events that are disturbing, horrifying, maddening and downright annoying (although not necessarily in that order). But, if one has the stomach for it, one can find little known items that make the more well-known ones seem tame in comparison.  Life in the Boomer Lane has […]

Lost in Space

March 30, 2011


Actual items LBL has lost, which are now orbiting the earth According to Newsweek, NASA scientists want to build a cheap, earthbound laser that could zap away the “space junk” orbiting the earth.  The zapper wouldn’t make the items disappear.  Rather it would simply push the debris further out into space, so that incoming spacecraft […]

Time Travel Without Frequent Flyer Miles

July 9, 2010


On Tuesday night, there was an installment of a special series called “Through the Wormhole” on the Science Channel, hosted by Morgan Freeman, which is the only reason Life in the Boomer Lane watched it. She doesn’t like Science. Worse, science doesn’t like her, and is constantly foiling her attempts to do things like live […]