Posted on October 2, 2015


The latest school shooting has just occurred in Umpqua, Oregon. The latest group of parents are experiencing what no parent should: the death of a child. The President has made his statement. The news media has covered the event. Those on both sides of the issue have spoken their predictable words. To those who represent the status quo of gun ownership,

You will say that the Constitution allows you to bear arms. This is debatable. But let’s say it’s technically true. And more children will die.

You will say that mental illness is the cause of these shootings, not guns. This is technically true. And more children will die. 

You will say that the answer is more guns, not less. For you, there will never be enough guns. And more children will die.

You will ignore the majority of responsible gun owners in this country who now feel that something must be done. And more children will die. 

These children die, not because of constitutional right or personal freedom.  They die because the firearms industry is simply too lucrative to rein in. The economic impact the firearms industry has had on the United States has more than doubled since 2008.

The Firearms and Ammunition Industry Economic Impact Report, compiled by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, shows the industry has grown from $19.1 billion in 2008 to more than $42.9 billion last year. 

We say whatever we say in defense of our beliefs. But the bottom line is that an industry that chooses ever-increasing dollars over ever-diminishing children’s lives has convinced us that nothing must change.
And so more children will die. 
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