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Women in Cars

July 15, 2017


Life in the Boomer Lane has always wished that she could secretly video any number of times that she has been in cars with groups of women.  These video-worthy events are usually precipitated by being lost,  concern about potentially getting lost, inability to find where one’s car is parked, confusion about how to exit parking […]

Hybrid Wolf/Coyotes and Urinating Democrats

November 12, 2012


Since the beginning of time, it  has been necessary for people in communities to disseminate information to each other for their mutual benefit (“I saw a mastodon in my backyard last night.”  “That lady in the cottage three doors down is acting like a witch. Should I kill her?” “Does anyone have an extra chastity belt […]

Would You Give Up Your Sex Life for A Good Parking Spot?

September 22, 2012


My friend Susan insists that when she isn’t having sex and doesn’t have the prospect of sex looming on the horizon, she has a Parking Fairy.  When she is having sex or has the prospect of having sex, her Parking Fairy disappears.  I can attest to this phenomenon.  Or rather, I do have to take […]

This Parking Meter Needs A User Manual

October 25, 2010


Two friends and I drove into Washington, DC (newly designated as the 2nd WORSE TRAFFIC CITY in the US) to do the “Walk to End Modern Day Slavery.” DC is the World Mecca for Walks/Runs/Demonstrations/Rallies/Political Motorcades/Tourism/General Mayhem on the Road.  There were at least four events happening that day, including an Army 10 Miler.  For […]