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Falling for the Midterms

November 10, 2022


In the weeks leading up to the mid-terms, Life in the Boomer Lane’s in box came perilously close to exceeding 100 political emails per day. Candidates, under a variety circumstances (running behind in the polls and in cash/running well in the polls and in cash/having had their personal credit cards declined) all indicated that LBL’s […]

Using Candy to Understand the World

November 3, 2017


Donald Trump Jr, devoted family man and bold slayer of large helpless mammals in Africa, took half of his daughter’s Halloween candy away, as a way to teach her the perils of socialism.  He told her that her candy was going to “some kid who sat at home.”  Life in the Boomer Lane is grateful […]

A Pre-Holiday Gift to Readers

October 3, 2016


It’s never too early to start gearing up for the holidays, especially nowadays when Halloween blurs into Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving blurs into Christmas and all of that blurs into the end of life when we realize that we have forgotten to put out the trash or hide embarrassing photos we have stashed away somewhere. Life […]

A Haunted House. And A Ghost Wearing Combat Boots.

October 25, 2015


In honor of Halloween, Life in the Boomer Lane will now regale her readers with the ABSOLUTELY TRUE STORY of how she lived in a HAUNTED HOUSE. She originally posted this story back in 2010, when she started her blog.  Unfortunately, the only person following her at the time was her cat, Miracle.  But Miracle […]

The History of Halloween

October 29, 2014


    Halloween is the longest-running holiday ever in the history of the world, except for Take Your Pet to Work Day. Halloween culture can be traced back to the Druids, part of the Celtic culture. The Celts were a squirrelly lot.  They had no central government, no big important person in charge of everyone, […]

Teaching Children US History via Halloween Costumes

October 28, 2011


Huffington Post  has a piece on what they think might be the “worst Halloween costume of all time.”  It’s a World War II Evacuee costume, sold on for an amount equal to about $18.  According to the Huffington Post via blogger Nick Douglas, editor of, the Halloween costume was created  for “National Commemoration […]

Who Was That Creepy Guy Giving Out Candy?

November 1, 2010


My Now Husband is sort of new to this Halloween thing, as well as to the Kid Thing in general.  Last year, NH wore a scary mask that brought all the little kids to tears.  This year, NH went to the door as himself (Only one child cried) and tried really hard to say bright, pleasant things to […]

A Haunted House. And A Ghost Wearing Combat Boots.

October 14, 2010


In honor of Halloween, I’ll now tell the ABSOLUTELY TRUE STORY of how I lived in a HAUNTED HOUSE.  Don’t worry.  This ghost/spirit/whatever was friendly and wasn’t accompanied by the usual creepy music.  But first, have you ever wondered why, in scary movies, the hero/heroine always opens the exact door that he/she knows contains the […]