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What Makes Things Spew Out of My Nose

March 11, 2011


Life in the Boomer Lane can’t help it.  Whenever anything happens that makes her feel uncomfortable or helpless or scared, she makes a joke.  Then LBL makes herself laugh (because she is always her own best audience) and then things come out of her nose.  Her life has never been directly threatened, but on two occasions when […]

A Short Phone Conversation Between Charlie Sheen and Muammar Qaddafi

March 3, 2011


CS:   Hey, Mu, how’s it hangin? MQ: Bigger, if you catch my drift, man. CS:   You dog.  I can relate.  MQ:  So, what’s up? (Mutual laughter here) CS:   Your name keeps comin up lately.  People keep sayin I could run Libya. MQ:  Chalib, you don’t even speak Arabic. CS:   Arabic, schmarabic.  Don’t matter, amigo.  I’m a […]