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Guerrilla Aging: The Dating Cess(Pool)

May 9, 2014


  Life in the Boomer Lane appreciates that there are times in life when it’s tough to be transformational, tough to see the positive in situations, and even tougher to hold ourselves accountable when life doesn’t go as we hoped it would.  Those times often occur with dysfunctional relationships. Sometimes, it’s OK to have our […]

Sex and the Sixty (Year Old) pt3

May 24, 2010


After Life in the Boomer Lane’s friend Susan  is contacted by men on various computer dating sites, and, after she continues to communicate with them via personal email and phone calls, she is able to eliminate most of them as not a good match for her. “Not a good match” may mean various things: One […]

Sex and the Sixty (Year Old) Pt2

May 23, 2010


For those skeptics who might be thinking that my friend Susan’s poor results are because she hasn’t put enough of an effort into online dating, rest assured that she has been on most internet dating sites since the very first one (  She has only excluded the ones that will result in the FBI confiscating […]

Sex and the Sixty (Year Old) Pt1

May 22, 2010


 My friend Susan has had such a long, varied and rocky career as a dating single, that I, as one of her closest and dearest friends, listen to her tragic stories, and, as the caring, compassionate person I am, laugh myself sick.   It’s tough not to.  Susan seems to attract a lot of really interesting […]