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50: Pt 2

April 29, 2015


  In spite of Life in the Boomer Lane’s best efforts at ending up in a geographic area other than the one intended by the organizers of her high school 50-year reunion, she did ultimately arrive. This was thanks to her close friend/fellow grad, who picked her up at 30th St Station in Philadelphia. We […]

The Aging of the High School Reunion

March 10, 2012


Sometimes aging can make us feel like we are naked, smeared with bacon grease and deposited near a den of rabid grizzlies who have just completed a research project involving the effects of a prolonged vegan diet. While it might seem that there is no way out, know this: There is no way out.  OK, […]

10 Things I learned From My High School Friends

September 20, 2010


My high school buddies, Susan, Phyllis, and Judy, came to visit this past weekend.  These are the ten things I learned from their visit: 10. Guests who arrive carrying their own two-litre bottles of Cherry Diet Coke may not be emotionally prepared to eat wholesome, organic food for the weekend 9. Anthony’s Pizza in Falls […]