Getting Out the Vote

Posted on August 23, 2018


Like many other Americans (roughly half of the population) Life in the Boomer Lane has been inhabiting an alternate universe since November 8, 2016. On this date, we learned that the other half of the population had done something completely inexplicable. And, in the time since, the lines have been even more firmly drawn.

Many of us have stopped watching the news, when, after many months of trying to make sense out of events, we have failed. Many of us have stopped talking to friends and family, when, after many months of trying to make sense out of their justifications for what is happening, we have failed.

LBL has decided to stop qvetching and to stop complaining. Her anger, as articulately expressed as it is, will change nothing.  She will also stop thinking that every time POTUS does something outrageous or dangerous or illegal, that maybe a handful of GOP congressmen will see the light. They won’t.

It’s time to put her energies elsewhere. To that end, she has decided to focus on the group with the most power and the least inclination to exercise their constitutional right: young, first-time voters. Young voters are more than the future. They are the sole voting group that began their political awareness during the visionary years of the Obama administration. Now, as newly-minted adults, they are experiencing an administration that is the exact opposite. And most first-time voters will vote for Democrats.

LBL is leading a drive to register these young, first-time voters (no matter their political persuasion) where they are: in coffee houses, restaurants, bars, gyms.  It’s part of an amazing group, Freedom Is Not Free, which started in her neighborhood and has grown well beyond it.

She invites you to join them. Whichever state you are in, send for voter registration forms. Then call trendy coffee shops and restaurants where young people gather and get the owner/manager’s permission to register voters on site. Have a tee-shirt made, grab some friends, and have some fun. LBL intends to have a lot of fun doing this.

After each person has registered, and before election day, contact each person and thank them for voting. If you do that, there will be a better chance that they will actually vote. Remember: Each person you register is one more person who will be voting.

This country, as well as this world, is in desperate need of people who are committed to making a difference. We need leaders who lead with vision and with integrity, and who believe that true leadership means leading by example, rather than with fear and intimidation.

LBL is committed to making a difference.  Join her.  If you live in Northern Virginia, let her know. She’d love to welcome you to the team.