A Moment of Reflection and Self-Promotion

Posted on November 20, 2017


Taking a page from Trump’s personal Presidential Manual, Life in the Boomer Lane can think of no better way to start the week than with a bit of shameless self-promotion. So here goes: 

LBL does not like to occasionally trash Trump. She prefers to do it on a daily basis.  To that end, she has been Tweeting under the name DC Boomer Humor.  Help her stay sane by following her. She needs to know that someone is paying attention.


Wednesday, December 6, 9 AM EST, will be the premier of LBL’s new radio show. The show is called This Sold House and is about all things real estate. LBL is prepared to share info, tips, and really embarrassing anecdotes that have peppered her entire real estate career. She promises to hold nothing back, including the dead cat episode.

The show airs Wednesdays,on WERA 96.7 FM in Arlington, VA. Those outside the area can access the show on WERA.  Or, you can also hear it by downloading the app TuneInRadio. You can also visit our Facebook page, Renee and Alyssa: This Sold House.

LBL had, for many years,  been obsessed with the idea of being a guest on Oprah. She didn’t much care what the topic would be. She figured she would just make up her answers as she went along.  Or, like politicians, ignore the questions completely and simply say whatevershe wanted to say. Then, one day she got a call from a bona fide producer of the show, asking her to appear as a guest.  The show was called “Pay it Pay it Forward” and they wanted guests who had been the recipients of good fortune, who then did something good  for another person.

LBL’s experiences (volunteer, plain and simple) weren’t a good fit for that particular show.  LBL had to painfully tun down the offer, but she then brilliantly negotiated with the producer for four audience tickets to the show, instead. A few years later, Oprah ended her show and LBL’s dreams seemed permanently dashed.

LBL now believes this new radio show is her shot at stardom. She apologizes that the topic will be real estate, rather than a one-on-one with Paul Ryan, admitting that the new GOP tax plan was secretly crafted by a group of old guy Republican billionaires and the private airplane industry. Another riveting topic might be a one-on-one with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, aka Sarah Sanders, who would reveal that, when she was not standing at the White House Press Conference podium and batting the world’s most heavily made up eyes, she was actually forced to stay in a small basement room under the Oval Office, with only Velveeta and Red Bull to eat.   Another would be newly-released tapes showing Trump wearing a French maid’s costume, serving Putin breakfast in bed.

Alas, instead you will have to be regaled with talk about mortgages, home inspectors, lenders, sales contracts, open houses, pricing, and all other manner of topics related to buying and selling a property.  Please try to stay awake.

A note about the caricature: LBL is the one with the mic. In actual real life, she doesn’t wear pants or shoes like that, her hips aren’t as wide as that (sigh), she doesn’t have a full lower lip (also sigh), her hair isn’t exactly like that, and she certinly doesn’t have dimples. She’s also considerably shorter than Alyssa. Aside from that, it looks exactly like her.