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LBL’s Holiday Greatest Things Wish List

December 10, 2018


Each year, Now Husband asks Life in the Boomer Lane what he can get her for Christmas/Hanukkah/Some As Yet Undiscovered Holiday. LBL always answers, “If there is anything I wanted, I would have gotten it myself, or, it’s so expensive that it would be ridiculous to spend that kind of money.” The conversation usually ends […]

A Moment of Reflection and Self-Promotion

November 20, 2017


Taking a page from Trump’s personal Presidential Manual, Life in the Boomer Lane can think of no better way to start the week than with a bit of shameless self-promotion. So here goes:  LBL does not like to occasionally trash Trump. She prefers to do it on a daily basis.  To that end, she has […]

An Offer I Am Forced to Refuse

May 21, 2014


Because Life in the Boomer Lane is both an extremely famous blogger and a former hula hoop champion, she gets a lot of offers.  Luckily she has not yet received any that invite her to insert herself into her own anatomy. Most are from people who want to promote their writing and/or merchandise.  Two have […]

Your Most Embarrassing Health Questions, Answered

October 13, 2011

37 Health Newsletter has a new post titled “The 10 Most Embarrassing Health Questions.”  Here they are, along with answers provided by a non-Oprah staff member:  Q: I recently noticed these large, irregular patches of white on my back—it almost looks like my skin has lost pigment in that area. What’s going on? A: Many […]

My Menu Options Have Changed

October 19, 2010


Along with the rest of humanity except for Oprah, I spend an awful lot of time each day listening to voice mail messages of assorted businesses and governmental agencies.  Some of this is because I am, at any given moment, trying to straighten something out, trying to understand something, trying to order something, or trying […]