Democracy, In A Spin

Posted on November 13, 2017


Journalists are constantly quoting Trump, as he bounces from one extreme to another, in reaction to domestic and world events. One might think they do this as though there is actual credibility in the utterings of our Chief-of-State. Lately, Life in the Boomer Lane has suspected that they do it mainly as a reason to be appalled at the contradictions.

LBL suspects that Trump enjoys all of this hoopla.  He probably has a carnival wheels installed in his various homes, redesigned to provide answers on any number of subjects. He  spins the wheel and whatever it says is the utterance for the day or the moment.

These answers, although constantly changing and providing a never-ending supply of angst, humor, irritation, and anger on the part of whatever segment of the population still cares about leadership, do get a bit boring after a while: (insert the name of a country) sucks/I love (insert the same country), (insert the name of a world leader) is good/(Insert the same leader)is bad, I support (insert the name of a politician)/(insert the same name) is a bum, I like my Big Macs with extra cheese/I like my Big Macs with extra mayo, and on and on.

LBL, in addition to having loyal readers note that the preceding paragraph was composed of one, entirely unwieldy and overly long sentence, proposes sending secret agent-types into the White House and screwing around with the wheel.  This would involve a certain degree of illegality, but the results would be worth it. We would all be way more entertained, in the future.

Here’s the way things might then go:

Do you have any comments on Kim Jung Un, Sir?

I believe he is the best person to be a federal judge in the great state of Alabama.

What about Putin?

He’s an outstanding sherif and a great American patriot.

Can you tell the American people about your new tax proposal?

Yes, everyone knows it is fake news. 

Why haven’t you been able to dump Obamacare like you promised?

One of they key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace. Good people don’t go into government.

How was your trip to China?

I never knew there were so many countries.

What do you think about the latest mass shooting?

It was huge.  Really huge. Much bigger than when Obama was President. Don’t let the fake media tell you it wasn’t. 

What can you do about North Korea’s nuclear weapons?

I will build a great wall, believe me. And Mexico will pay for the wall.

How about the few GOP Senators who have been critical of you?

They are not our friend, believe me. They bring drugs and violence and rape into this country.

Why did the US hire Whitefish Energy, an incompetent company with ties to our new Interior Secretary, to restore the power grid in Puerto Rico, resulting in wiping out even more power?

Who can blame a country for taking advantage of another country?

Can you comment on the allegations of sexual abuse by Roy Moore?

What did these geniuses expect, when they put men and women together?

Do you think ISIS is really finished?

I don’t know, but this post is. 







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