What to Look for in A Partner When You Are Suddenly Single After 50: A Guest Post by Daniel Murray

Posted on July 17, 2013



Daniel Murray is a writer and relationship expert. He works with a number of older clients who are dealing with complex relationship issues such as finding love after the loss of a spouse. Many of his clients get back on the market with online senior dating at 50plus-club.com.

If you have recently experienced the loss of a spouse or a difficult divorce, it can be tough to figure out how to move forward. When you’ve finally reached a point where you’re interested in finding a new partner, there are a number of ways to do it. You can explore the online dating scene, take up a new hobby, or make connections through a community group. But let’s face it, when you’re of a certain age, you want to make sure that you find a partner who you’ll truly enjoy spending time with. Here are a few things to consider when you are searching for a significant other after age 50.

What do you want from the relationship?
This is a key question to ask yourself when you are thinking about getting back on the market. Whether you are looking for something serious, or just someone to catch a movie with now and then, it’s important to really think about what you want in a relationship. If your ideal relationship situation is something more casual, then you want to make sure you are honest with yourself and the potential partner you’re hoping to make a connection with. Spend some time thinking about what you truly want before you get back out there.

What are your interests?
Sometimes when you lose a spouse or get divorced, you spend a lot of time getting back in touch with yourself. This is especially true if the loss was painful. You may distract yourself by rediscovering things you were once interested in, or take up a new hobby to pass the time. If you’re ready to explore the dating scene, consider your interests before you move forward. After all, you probably want to make a connection with someone that enjoys some of the same things that you enjoy. Your interests don’t have to align perfectly, but some overlap is always a good thing.

What qualities are important to you?
This is a fundamental question for those interested in pursuing a relationship at any age, but it’s especially true when you’re over 50. By this time in your life, you probably have a good sense of what qualities you are looking for in a potential partner. Perhaps you are interested in spending your time with someone adventurous who is going to push you out of your comfort zone. Or maybe you’d like a partner whose sense of humor aligns well with your own. It’s good practice to make a list of the qualities that are most important to you in a mate before you get back into the game.

Meeting new people can be difficult after you’ve experienced a significant loss such as the death of a spouse or a divorce. But it’s not impossible! There are several ways that you can make connections with potential partners later in life. Before you start, just make sure you think about what’s most important to you in a relationship, and use that data to inform your decisions about dating!