The Rebuttal

Posted on January 21, 2012


As Sitting Bull said, after the Battle of the Little Bighorn, “There are two sides to every story.” 

And, because I would heartily agree, I hereby present a rebuttal from Movie Man. Movie Man, aka Mike, is actually a Good Guy and he has become a good friend of Susan’s, in spite of their first date.  When Susan told him I was writing a series about her dating life, he asked her if he was in it.  She said not, because she hadn’t read the post. Subsequently, Mike did and sent her the following email:

My Dear Laz – I am mentioned (albeit with a bit of poetic license).  I knew you couldn’t resist telling all your friends.  I knew I would be thought of and remembered as just one of a long list of “comical adventures in your life”.   If someone was writing my book they would say “always looking to make more productive use of his time by multitasking and always thinking outside of the box….Michael took the bold step of doing much-needed shopping in the middle of viewing a sub par movie.  Being as considerate as possible, he left without disturbing his date’s enjoyment of the movie and yet returned before the end to continue his fabulous date of dinner and a movie and returned his date home safe and sound.  What a guy.”

Susan, of course, sent his email to me and I, as the respectful human being I am of people’s most private correspondence, asked if I could post it. Susan asked Mike and he replied:

Have you no shame?   You have taken what I consider one of our most intimate moments together and tried to make a mockery of it. It took just 9 minutes to reach Renee’s ears.  I am an advocate for truth and justice so of course I have no objection to the FULL story being told.  She can use my first name .  I’m proud,  just no last name and no social security number.

So there you have it, dear Readers. I regret that there is no photo of Mike and Susan together, nor his last name and social security number.  I tried.  Susan drew the line.  I am relentless in both my journalistic integrity and my prurient interest. And that really does end the current series of posts.  Rest assured, there will be more in the future, as Susan finds yet more creative ways to push the dating envelope beyond all reason.

In the meantime, you will all have a much-needed rest from my written spewings.  I’m off to Anna Maria Island, Florida for a week.  Anna Maria is a magical (and not well-known)  oasis located 10 miles north of Sarasota.  It’s old time Florida: NO chain stores, chain restaurants, high rises, malls.  I’ll be cavorting with my two co-authors, Jean Peelen and Joyce Kramer.  We have two book signing scheduled while I am there:

January 24 1-3 Ginny and Jane E’s on the Island

January 25 1-4 Circle Books on St Armand’s Circle in Sarasota

If any of you are within striking distance, I would love to meet you.  If not, I’ll resume posting when I get back. And, if any of you run into Susan during the week, tell her not to behave while I’m gone. I need material for future posts.