What’s in your trunk?

Posted on September 1, 2010


There was a short segment on NPR the other day, in which people were asked, “What’s in your trunk?”  Of course, some of the answers were very funny.  But as Life in the Boomer Lane was listening, she realized that she had no idea what was in her trunk.  LBL only knew that being married to someone who has NOTHING in his trunk (as in zero, zilch, nada, boring), she tries really hard to keep hers as tidy as possible to avoid his eye rolls and major decibel level sighs whenever he is forced to open her trunk.  This used to happen every time they were about to hit the road in her car, and the only luggage they could fit into her trunk would have been a small cosmetic case or a phone charger.

LBL is trying really hard now to keep trunk debris to a minimum.  That’s tough for a Realtor, because she must have the requisite signs, measuring tape, Powwow chair, scissors, and lots of deflated old balloons that she needs for business.  OK, strike the last item.  So, here’s what LBL found in her trunk:

1. serious Realtor paraphanalia
2. A National Geographic from February 2007
3. A cassette tape labeled “July 17, 1983 American Black Singers (both sides)”
4. a bag of about 1000 personalized key forms that were purchased for marketing and never used
5. an umbrella that has never been used
6. an invisible measuring tape that has never been used and LBL forgot she had
7. bumper stickers for political candidates that she never put on her car.  One candidate won, one lost.
8. small mechanical things she can’t identify but is sure are vital components of what you need if the car breaks down.  LBL simply calls roadside service.

LBL is pretty darn proud of the small number of items she found.  This is so much better than LBL used to be a couple years ago,  when she carried around a pair of unworn pajama bottoms for several years, as well as having, at any given moment, at least three items she was intending to return to stores but never remembered because the items got buried under other stuff.

So, that said, what’s in your trunk?