Creating A Baby Sex Symbol For Fun and Profit

Posted on August 14, 2010


Huggies has a new “limited edition” disposable diaper, made to look like denim. Life in the Boomer Lane is a great fan of denim, and she thinks the diaper is a stroke of genius. But she has a huge issue with the commercial that she has already seen at least six times. In the commercial, a baby, (about 12-18 months old) is strutting down a street (with the help of computer generation, I’m sure), being oogled by adoring females (I’m guessing in their twenties) and jealous males. The music is edgy and the voiceover starts “My diaper is full….” The baby jumps into a waiting convertible (complete with chauffer), gives one last backward glance at his adoring minions and rides off into the sunset.

The clip of the commercial on YouTube has already gotten about 1.3 million hits, and LBL suspects the diapers are flying off the shelves faster than Huggies can make them. The advertising agency that created the commercial is probably getting great business over it. Young moms are happy, ad execs are happy, Huggies is happy. So, what’s the problem?

Here’s the problem: Do we really need one more way in our society to sexualize children? Have we so exhausted turning elementary school children into rockers and Britney Spears Wannabees, that we are now dipping down to the baby age group? Isn’t it bad enough that Suri Cruise, age three, wears high heels and the pop culture magazines plaster her photos all over as being completely adorable? When was childhood, not to speak of babyhood, hijacked?

Very young children are being sexually exploited all over the world. LBL can’t wrap her mind around this commercial, when she is too aware of what is taking place to these children every day. OK, she’s finished now.

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