Goodnight Sweetheart, Whoever You Are

Posted on July 19, 2010


Now Husband had a high school reunion yesterday. He is always having high school reunions, because he went to four high schools. Three were in Europe. One was in Morocco. So, in addition to the four reunions in the actual locations of the schools, there are four US-based reunions each year. This provides him with eight opportunities to agonize about whether to attend whichever school is holding a reunion in whichever location.

The particular reunion that was held yesterday was for a school in Munich, Germany. This was the school that NH actually graduated from. The reunion was held in Fredericksburg, VA. It took NH only slightly less time to drive from Arlington to Fredericksburg and back in weekend traffic than it would have taken to fly to Munich, but the cost was considerably less and he didn’t have to take his shoes off.

Shortly after NH returned home, he received a text that said “Good night sweetheart. I love you.” NH racked his brain but, in spite of his legendary mental prowess, he could remember no woman at the reunion making moves on him. There were no other texts that evening.

This morning, a new text appeared: “OMG Dan I’m so sorry. I texted you in error…thought it was my daughter Cate who was spending night out. So sorry. Hope ur well.”

NH looked at the phone number she left. The area code fit Annapolis, MD. A new world of possibilities opened for him. In addition to someone at the reunion, it could have been one of his old “sailing buddies,” AKA YOU-KNOW-WHAT, who populated his life before he met LBL. Now the possibilities were, literally, endless.

NH responded, “I thought there might have been a mix-up. I haven’t had one of those messages from anyone other than Renee in a few years.”

Mystery Woman’s response came back immediately: “Hahaha! Well, I must have scrolled down a little too far. Hope you and Renee are doing ok. Do you think mom is ok? Having a hard time talking w/her.”

Now NH was more mystified than ever, although he could certainly understand Mystery Woman’s last sentence. Since NH’s mother died in 2007, most people outside of John Edwards would, indeed, have a hard time talking with her.

NH texted: “I think it’s time we identified ourselves because I don’t have a mom, and I’m not sure who yours is. I hope she’s OK though.” (NH is, if nothing else, the supportive type).

Eventually, all made sense when the Mystery Woman identified herself as the daughter of a friend of NH and LBL. But LBL thinks Dan spent some time feeling just a little letdown after having spent the last eight hours attending his own private reunion on Memory Lane…