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50: Pt 2

April 29, 2015


  In spite of Life in the Boomer Lane’s best efforts at ending up in a geographic area other than the one intended by the organizers of her high school 50-year reunion, she did ultimately arrive. This was thanks to her close friend/fellow grad, who picked her up at 30th St Station in Philadelphia. We […]

50: Pt 1

April 27, 2015


The Philadelphia High School for Girls has been, for the past 150 years, a public school that boasts a high-powered, college-bound 4-year program for all the best and brightest of the female high school age population. It is also known for graduating Life in the Boomer Lane back in January 1965. LBL has spent most […]

The Aging of the High School Reunion

March 10, 2012


Sometimes aging can make us feel like we are naked, smeared with bacon grease and deposited near a den of rabid grizzlies who have just completed a research project involving the effects of a prolonged vegan diet. While it might seem that there is no way out, know this: There is no way out.  OK, […]

Goodnight Sweetheart, Whoever You Are

July 19, 2010


Now Husband had a high school reunion yesterday. He is always having high school reunions, because he went to four high schools. Three were in Europe. One was in Morocco. So, in addition to the four reunions in the actual locations of the schools, there are four US-based reunions each year. This provides him with […]