The Bachelorette gets Lost on American Idol

Posted on May 26, 2010


I feel compelled to say something about three pretty darn exciting TV events that have occurred during the past week. If you don’t watch the shows I talk about and don’t care, it doesn’t matter. You have already clicked onto this blog, and I have also just written the word “renumeration” for the first time ever. So it’s a win-win for me.

I’ll start with “Lost,” which had its 12 hour finale a couple days ago which, so I have read, left critical story lines hanging. I have never watched “Lost,” but thanks to Netflix, my Now Husband Dan and I have completed the first season. When Dan saw that the finale was scheduled, he lobbied rather heavily that we should watch that and save ourselves all the Netflix viewing hours. I explained to Dan that that would be like being able to start a race and then magically be able to sprint to the finish line, or like starting to tee off and then magically being placed on the green. The thrill of accomplishment would be gone. The truth is, I would happily play golf or run marathons if that were the case.

The real reason was that if left to his own devices, we would be watching McHale’s Navy reruns or anything involving aliens (space, not illegal). Luckily, I won. I have no idea what happened on the finale, but I tend to doubt, as I read in another person’s blog, that they all turned into a giant centipede and walked away.

Monday night was the premier of the new season of “The Bachelorette.” The new Bachelorette is Ali, who fled last season’s show because she had an Extremely Important Job taking ads for Facebook that she was afraid she would lose if she stayed one minute longer on “The Bachelor” show. But now, as the new Bachelorette, she gets to wear a mind-numbing array of designer clothing, consume endless glasses of wine with endless eager bachelors, and use the phrase “I’m looking for unconditional love” at least five times per show.

I started watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows because my daughter Yael is hooked on them. Last year, Yael started a Bachelor/Bachelorette email chain. She lives in London, so she has to do something like watch the show in the middle of the night, utilizing some kind of indecipherable technology that connects computers, TVs and someone who lives on the planet Kataa Flo Ko (a real planet). After each show, Yael starts the ball rolling with a hilarious, insightful assessment of what has occurred. Everyone else chimes in. Except for my son-in-law’s mom, everyone else is thirty-something, so it’s interesting to see the type of guys they think are hot. As I am still firmly stuck in the 60s, I usually just default to whoever has the longest hair.

I’ll round out the excitement with the Final Show of American Idol. The voting was last night and tonight they announce the New American Idol. It will be Lee DeWyze, a guy who, until he was chosen to be on American idol, worked in both Walgreens and a Benjamin Moore paint store in Chicago. Or, it will be Crystal Bowersox, who made money by singing and playing the guitar at a stop on the Chicago subway system. I think mixing paint at a paint store is sort of standard fare, but as I have now learned, having your own subway stop to perform at is a big deal, and apparently, Crystal did have a prime stop.

Both Lee and Crystal are enormously talented, lived in Chicago, and have strange names. I’m not sure it matters much who wins, since both of them will have great careers. I’m a personal fan of Crystal, who people call the reincarnation of Janis Joplin. That’s not bad in my book because Janis was my Favorite Singer of All Time. Crystal did a “Me and Bobby McGee” on the show that brought tears to my eyes. But she’s just a good at anything else.

Tonight is the Big Grand Finale. I’ve already voted twice for Crystal, and I’ve never before called in to vote for anything related to a TV show. But if Lee wins, that’s great, too. Either way, he’ll never go back to the paint store again. Both of them strike me as decent, down-to-earth people. I hope they stay that way. And I really do hope Crystal keeps the dreds.

Sometimes I love TV.

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