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I’ll have Air Over Easy, With A Side of Light. Hold the Potatoes.

January 7, 2015


The number of diets out there is exceeded only by the number of calories being consumed and the number of pounds being gained by the average person. For that reason, the latest diet to hit the streets is a logical extension of all the other diets:  Breatharianism. No need to count pesky calories, carbs, fat, […]

The Hunger-for-Beauty Games Pt2: Breasts vs Brains

May 31, 2012


We came of age at a time when society seemed to be redefining, not only the roles of women, but of itself.  We were young when, for the first time in living memory, it was youth who toppled a president and ended a war.  When the modern women’s liberation movement began. When Roe v Wade […]

My Psychic Menage-A-Trois

May 15, 2011


  To celebrate my birthday, two friends (Roni and Susan) and I went to a psychic. This was no ordinary psychic.  This was a psychic who had been on TV and who cavorted with other famous psychics and who was here for a one-time-only event.  I was sold. Count me in and take my hard-earned […]

The Link Between Mattress Stuffing and Weight Loss

June 28, 2010


Lunchtime While Life in the Boomer Lane was visiting Beloved Daughter and her family in London, Trish, a close friend of LBL’s daughter, told LBL about a “secret” diet plan, known only to French women. LBL likes to trade beauty secrets with Trish. On a past visit, she introduced LBL to the “Nude” line of […]