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When Manners Trump Murder

January 20, 2016


  It’s a common story: Friends gather for dinner, one friend kills another, and the result is that the hostess is never thanked for all the work she spent preparing and serving the meal. Not so in this case, according to yesterday’s Washington Post, reporting on a murder that took place on December 20, at […]

Jury Duty and the Boomer

October 11, 2011


Some years ago, my next door neighbor, one of the many attorneys who outnumber real people in the DC area, casually informed me that there was a contract out on his life and that, because I still had a child at home, I should be on the lookout for anything of a suspicious nature on […]

Aunt Gert and the Family Murder

October 26, 2010


If you want the same effect as illegal drugs without going into unfamiliar neighborhoods to find vendors, spending all that money, or doing anything that will land you in prison, Life in the Boomer Lane’s Aunt Gert is the go-to person.  Her world has always been constructed almost entirely of fantasy and Nutella.  You are guaranteed […]