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Justin Bieber: Not-So-Great Eggspectations

January 17, 2014


The past week, Life in the Boomer Lane has been in Seattle, visiting family and taking care of her granddaughter, who, a mere 15 months ago, had just achieved fertilized egg status. Because of the focus needed to deal with a six-month-old baby, LBL almost completely missed hearing about another individual who very recently was, […]

What’s Cookin’ in De Despot’s Pot

April 8, 2011


In its never-ending quest to provide Life in the Boomer Lane with hilarity to comment about, this week’s Newsweek has an article titled “The Despot Index,” in which information about popular despots is given in a number of categories. Ten despotic-looking characters are represented, ranging from the cutting-edge leisureware fashionista Kim Jong-Il, to the next scheduled speaker at […]

Twitter, Justin Bieber, and Mr Cash Online

June 2, 2010


Life in the Boomer Lane was intending to wait until I understood Twitter a bit more before writing anything about it. But she knows that, in the past, her lack of knowledge about any specific topic has never stopped her from writing about it, and she felt that, like Justin Bieber, Twitter fell into the […]