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Friday the 13th

July 16, 2018


Life in the Boomer Lane was home several days ago, minding her business and having nothing in particular to do. She whiled away the time listening to POTUS call his own interview with the London Sun newspaper, in which he had dissed the Prime Minister of the UK,  “fake news.” May’s reaction was to move […]

Not Your George Clooney ER

April 9, 2018


The Hospital Stay

January 18, 2017


    Life in the Boomer Lane has a close friend who picks atypical places for her normal life events. She fell in love with someone who was living in her basement, then married him in the winner’s circle at Monmouth racetrack. Not to be outdone by these diversions from the norm, she has just […]

The Hospital, the ER, the ER, and the Hospital

December 9, 2015


Imagine a scenario in which you enter the hospital for routine, outpatient hernia surgery.  You know you are brewing a cold (or worse), but you don’t want to have to reschedule the surgery, so you don’t tell your doctor you are getting sick.  Your surgery is performed, and you go home. Two days later, you […]

Latest Weapon of Mass Destruction: The Throw Pillow

April 28, 2013


Having had such a swell time with my recent trip to the ER, I decided to arrange for another life threatening adventure. Since I had been caring for my one-and-a-half year old and three-and-a-half year old grandsons, all scary and deadly items had been safely stored away.  So I had to get creative. Calling upon […]

Turning A Life-Threatening Emergency into Something Bad

April 11, 2013


The other night, Life in the Boomer Lane came perilously close to joining her ancestors in the Big Shtetl in the Sky. The events were as follows: While having a conversation with her daughter, a virus and annoying cough she has been dealing with all week triggers a severe asthmatic reaction, resulting in LBL’s inability […]

This Ain’t No Grey’s Anatomy

April 20, 2011


Joyce, a close friend of mine who lives in Florida,  took a fall a couple days ago.  I was visiting my son in Charleston when the phone call came to tell me what had happened.  I flew home, packed, turned around and flew to Florida to spend a week helping to take care of her.  Her surgery […]

The Final Flush

April 13, 2011


all purpose mani/pedi/colonoscopy/endoscopy/alien camera procedure room   A very short update on the tiny camera/spaceship in my body.  The hospital called today.  This was the conversation: Hey, Renee, this is Christine from the hospital.  How are you doing? Pain? Discomfort? Fine. No pain, nothing. Great.  I think I saw you in the nail place.  Tiffany Nails, […]

Voyage to the Center of My Intestines

April 12, 2011


In modern medicine’s quest to find the reason for Life in the Boomer Lane’s anemia, she has so far had three procedures.  The first two were colonoscopy and endoscopy, detailed in a heartfelt yet humorous post. Yesterday, LBL had a third procedure: a “capsule endoscopy,” sometimes referred to as a “video endoscopy.”  This procedure uses a […]