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James Bond Beds A 50-Year-Old Woman. Applause, please.

December 8, 2014


For those of you who have been living inside a broken pay phone booth since 1962, you may not have been aware that James Bond likes his women plentiful, available, and pretty darn nubile.  The average age of the men who have played Bond over the last 200 years, has been 43.5.  The average age […]

Justin Bieber: Not-So-Great Eggspectations

January 17, 2014


The past week, Life in the Boomer Lane has been in Seattle, visiting family and taking care of her granddaughter, who, a mere 15 months ago, had just achieved fertilized egg status. Because of the focus needed to deal with a six-month-old baby, LBL almost completely missed hearing about another individual who very recently was, […]

Lindsay Lohan, Matt Lauer, and the Do-Si-Dos Scandal

June 24, 2011


Lindsay Lohan, now shackled to the futon in her rec room, is serving house arrest time for a variety of offenses, including hoarding mini dogs and wearing last week’s sunglasses.  In a series of events that have left her admirers continually inebriated awed, she has been able to pretty much continue her usual lifestyle while […]