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The Case of the Lost Hip

June 28, 2016


Life in the Boomer Lane has been well aware for some time that one of the great mysteries plaguing women-of-a-certain-age is the loss of body parts. Back in 2011, she posted a piece, The Missing Body Parts of Women Over 50, dealing with this issue.  In the five years that have passed, she, herself, has lost two […]

My Body Parts Keep Forgetting How to Do Stuff

October 17, 2015


It started when something rolled under Life in the Boomer Lane’s bureau. LBL’s brain immediately started to bend down to retrieve the errant object.  Her body did not follow. Her body stood there, while her brain imagined getting down, twisting around, and reaching. She finally decided that no item was that important, and she hoped […]

The Missing Body Parts of Women Over 50

June 26, 2010


 It occurred to Life in the Boomer Lane recently that she has fewer body parts than she used to have. Her tonsils have been gone since 1954.  Since she has never understood what, exactly, tonsils are, she never missed them.  And she also knows that after my generation, doctors seem to have decided that whatever […]